New releases at MLRS Books

MLRS Books have added several new historical books to their online store.

Air-Borne Invasion of Crete
British Forces in the Mediterranean were thin on the ground in 1941. Greece had fallen and the evacuated troops were moved to Crete.

Amalgamations in the British Army 1660- 2008
Goff Lumley’s first volume (published by MLRS) looked at Regiments and Mergers in the British Army 1907-2007.

Army Air Forces Stations
A listing of all USAAF bases in the United Kingdom and in Europe after D-Day.

Canadian Participation in Operation ABERCROMBIE
The Canadian Army account of Operation ABERCROBIE

Flying Bomb and Rocket Campaigns (Air Defence Great Britain 6)

House to House Fighting
This is an excellent example of the high quality of instruction available to the British Home Guard at the beginning of the war.

Night Air Defence June 1940 – December 1941 (Air Defence Great Britain 3)
The war in the air was fought as a 24/7 battle and this is the story of the defence against German night air attacks in the first crucial first phase.

Notes from Theatres of War – the North African Campaign
A combination of all the “Notes from Theatres of War” relating to the North African Campaign.

Rough Stuff
This book was intended to show members of the Home Guard and the regular forces that close quarter battle or CQB is not conducted in a gentlemanly way.

The Beginning of the Fighter Offensive (Air Defence Great Britain 4)
This volume of RAF operational history begins at the end of the Battle of Britain.