New releases and updates from Mutineer

Mutineer Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Indian Mutiny figures and have news of some upcoming releases.


From their announcement:

More good news from the Mutineer Residency. We are just about to launch 5 new packs. just in time for the Triples in Sheffield and Salute London

New Releases

  • EIC03 Marching British In boat coat
  • EIC06 Marching British In shell jacket
  • EIC07 Gurkha infantry
  • EIC08 Gurkha command
  • MUT05 Badmarshes

I will be uploading these figures to the website from early next week.

On the sculpting Bench
The Sepoy command elephant is ready for casting. This super model includes:

  • Decorated Elephant
  • Howdah with decorated canopy
  • Seated Indian leader (tantia Topi)
  • Bodyguard with rifle
  • Driver

It is intended to do this as a one piece resin casting with the figures in metal

The 93rd Highlander dollies have been produced and it is hoped to have them ready for Salute. The greens have been completed for another pack of British In marching pose x4, dressed in regulation dress.

6 horse poses have been prepared by eBob and are ready for casting when we have some time to do the mounted figures. Which I estimate to be a few weeks after Salute.