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New Releases And Special Deals for Bolt Action From Warlord Games

Well, the fellows over at Warlord Games sure have a lot to say about Bolt Action right now. They've got two special deals going and four new releases. If you're looking for some new vehicles for your forces, there's quite possibly something for you.

First off, let's save you some money. This is the final month of the Wheels of Steel deal that's been going on for a while. Seeing as it's the last month, they've upped the discount to 15% if you order three vehicles as part of the promotion. Along with that, since it's also the season of love, they're offer their Valentine for Valentines deal, where you can get a Valentine tank for £10.

And now for the new releases. They're rather eclectic in their dispersion. There's the LRDG Trucks, which were stripped-down pick-up trucks that were used behind enemy lines in North Africa. Then there's the Italian L6/40 Light Tank which almost looks cute in some ways. Finally, you can add some air power with the release of the Messerschmitt & Hurricane MkII Tropical (A Messerschmitt! ... A whole mess of Messerschmitts!).

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