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New Releases and sale from Bronze Age Miniatures

Bronze Age Miniatures has some new releases available now on their website.
They've also currently got a sale going on for the holidays.
Note: Some minis on their website aren't safe for work. Browsers be warned.

From the announcement:

I just finished some new miniatures first we have some Undead Barbarians and Death Lords
The Barbarian is to show scale
Next some new Dead Earth Imperial Citizens
And some new Warrior Women
Along with this we are having our last 30% off sale of the year running from November 20/2012 to December 10/2012. This will be for orders $50.00 or more. At the end of the sale we will be discontinuing several sets, the sets are 32DEIC sets 2,3,4,7, and 32DEWW sets 1, 2. 32DEIC set 6 has failed and is no longer available. I am doing this because I don’t like the sculpting on the old ones and plan to resculpt them.
As always thanks for all your support.