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New releases and sale at Naloomi's Workshop

Naloomi's Workshop have several new releases as well as word of a sale. From their announcement:
We’ve added 5 new products from sculptor Abaroth. These products are listed under the manufacturer “Abaroth’s Creations”. The 5 latest products from Abaroth are as follows:
  • Hollow Treasure Chests (6 chests, 6 lids, & 4 inserts)
  • Crate, Flat (set of 10)
  • Crate, Large – square (set of 10)
  • Crate, Small – square (set of 10)
  • Foot Locker (set of 10)
The hollow treasure chests have an insert with 2 sides, bars and treasure, and 2 different lids to add variation. Each of these sets can be had for $3 with the pieces cast in Hydrostone. We will also be offering 2 more sets that include the round containers pictured above by this weekend.
We've also released 5 new sets of pieces for space type games. The various space stations and Orbital Cities work great with a variety of space type games, but they work especially well with Battlefleet Gothic (made by Games Workshop) & Firestorm Armada (made by Spartan Games). Each space station comes in 2 parts, a top and a bottom. While they have a specific design in mind, each piece can also be mixed and matched with other pieces to make multiple other designs. Currently we offer the following 5 sets:
  • Space Stations: Set Alpha
  • Space Stations: Set Beta
  • Space Stations: Set Gamma
  • Space Stations: Set Epsilon
  • Space Stations: Orbital City
Each set can be had for $5 in Hydrostone. For our Hirst Arts single cast buyers we have a lineup of casts from the Community Mold Project. We have made 22 of the CMP (Community Mold Project) molds available to purchase casts from. Prices per cast range from $1 – $1.50 in Hydrostone. The breakdown of the various molds is as follows:
  • CMP Round 5
  • Kovax’s Fieldstone Pieces
  • Imahilus’ Slate Tiles
  • ZombieEngineer’s Spiral Staircase
  • ZombieEngineer’s Round Tower Floor & Wall Pieces
And finally we are having a sale to celebrate the arrival of spring and all of our new releases. The sale code is ‘spring2011? and it gets you 30% discount off of all orders over $30.