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New releases and restock at Recreational Conflict

Recreational Conflict have several new terrain releases as well as a restock of their 28mm Hardsuit miniature. Retro Sci-fi Door From their website:
We've finally gotten in a restock of our 28mm Hardsuit in metal. $10 USD for each multipart kit or a unit of 5 for $45 USD. They do not currently come with bases. We also have new retro sci-fi terrain bits from Frozen Planet. The two doors are available with the door and frame separate and as single piece castings.
  • Retro Sci-fi Door 01 $3 USD each. Reverse side is flat
  • Retro Sci-fi Door 02 $3 USD each. Reverse side is flat
  • Retro Sci-fi Hatch $1.50 USD each
  • Retro Sci-fi Buttress $3 USD each
  • Slimeoid in regular or clear blue resin. $6 USD each
The Hardsuit is available to order. Frozen Planet's terrain pieces are available on this page.