New releases and price reduction at Center Stage

Sea Devil Champion Center Stage Miniatures have new releases and are also reducing some of their prices.

From their announcement:
Just in time for Christmas come three new release from the talented hands of sculptor Simon Summers and a permanent price reduction on all of our Advanced Fantasy Miniatures. For fans of all things lizard-like, check out CSM-006, a blister of two Bonesnappers to grace your gaming table.

If you enjoy our Sea Devils line, we’ve added a Sea Devil Champion, complete with a sea turtle shield. Check out CSM-002c in our online store by clicking here.

For our 25mm Fantasy Encounters line, this month we re-release FE-002 – Champion W/Runesword (Metal Magic) and FEP-003 – Halfling Adventurer (R-Kiiv Miniatures). Curiously enough, FEP-003 was originally billed as “Merry Hibbot,” a spin on the first true halflings from the work of Tolkien.

Painting Contest
Center Stage Miniatures and Cleveland retail store Warzone: Matrix are sponsoring a miniatures painting contest. The winner gets 72-piece set of Vallejo Game Color paints, complete with three brushes and a carrying case.

The rules are simple – purchase any one of our Advanced Fantasy Miniatures and give it your best coat of paint. Judges will be Chris Wilson, owner of WarZone: Matrix, Kathryn Fields (well-known miniatures connoisseur “Queen of Credits”) and Joe Wiedeman, our miniatures artist. Send us pictures of your painted minis before Midnight January 31st. Please note: Miniatures from our 25mm Fantasy Encounters range are NOT included in the competition.

Once we’ve received the first half-dozen entries, we’ll be adding a “Gallery” page to our website to post all of the submissions.

No price increase at Center Stage
At a time when many miniature manufacturers are raising their prices due to the increased cost of metal, we have reduced the costs of all of our Advanced Fantasy Miniatures by at least 10%. That’s our way of thanking you for spending your hard-earned dollars with us.