New releases and previews from Brigade Models

Brigade Models have added new Aeronef and 6mm sci-fi models to their online store and also posted previews of new figures in their Great War range.

From their announcement:

We’ve been busy of late, and have a few new releases to tell you about.First we have two new Japanese Aeronef, a battleship and a cruiser, with an accompanying fleet pack

  • VAN-615 Yamashiro class Battleship £6.25
  • VAN-616 Akitsushima class Heavy Cruiser £3.25
  • VANFP-604 Japanese Fleet Pack #2 £20.00

In 6mm, we have four infantry heavy weapon types, all crewed by Germy’s excellent crew figures.

  • SF300-5005a Twin MG
  • SF300-5005b Autocannon
  • SF300-5005c Gatling SF300-5005d Missile Pod

All come four to a pack with two crew per weapon, at £1.25 per pack.

We also have some brand new releases due in our 28mm Great War range. One company in four of Carabiniers were cyclists, and were often used in support of the Belgian armoured cars. We have two packs of dismounted cyclists ready to repel the Hun ! The first pack is of three advancing riflemen, the second is an advancing Lewis gun team. The Lewis was due to be adopted by the Belgian army but not officially in service in 1914. For those who like ‘what if’ scenarios, the figures could represent a couple of cyclists who have managed to aquire a gun and ammunition from an armoured car. These figures will be released at SELWG on Sunday and on the website over the weekend.

And finally, or rather coming soon, we have French Land Ironclads. We were hoping to have these for SELWG but unfortunately our stock of blank moulds has dried up and fresh ones haven’t arrived in time. However, you can whet your appetite by visiting Paul James’ excellent Yours in a White Wine Sauce VSF blog, where you’ll find some nicely painted examples by Steve Blease.

So … see you at Crystal Palace for the SELWG show on Sunday. We’ve been casting like mad to carry as much stock as we can, and we don’t want to take all of it home again !