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New releases and pre-orders avialable from Alban Miniatures

Alban Miniatures has a whole bunch of new Napoleonic releases as well as pre-orders they're taking for their line.


From the announcements:

Alban Miniatures Napoleonic masters for the 1/56 scale Austrian Cuirassiers are complete and heading to the mould shop for creation of production moulds next week.

We have added to their 1/56 scale Napoleonic Austrian Line infantry with the launch of their Austrian/German Grenadiers and Fusiliers in helmets.
They are available for purchase now

Also, we are chuffed to bits that alongside their Austro-German regiments they are also fielding Hungarian 1/56 scale Grenadiers, which are now available

As you probably now know Alban Miniatures have been hard at work bolstering up its Austrian Cavalry to add to it's already launched Hussars.
The master castings of its 1/56 scale Uhlans, Cuirassiers and Dragoons have now been sent for production and you can place your pre-orders now.