New releases and new online store from Mega Minis

Mega Minis have new releases for March as well as news of a new online store. From their announcement:
We have launched a second online store for those of you who do not like using eBay. We'd love for all of you to poke around in the store, add and subtract from your shopping cart and kick the tires a few times. At this new site your shopping cart will show up in the Right hand column while you browse for merchandise so you can see exactly what you are spending. When you hit the BUY button on any particular item it will add that item to your shopping cart and you can change the quantity up or down as you shop. Your shipping total below will be added to the final price once you are entering the paypal payment center. If you decide not to make a purchase your shopping cart will empty itself after a few hours. It's safe and secure because no personal information is requested at our site because we use paypals secure site to handle payments and shipping info.
Shipping rates at this new store are as follows.
  • $3.00 shipping on orders from $1.50 to $25.00 ($4 if outside the U.S.A.)
  • $5.00 shipping on orders from $25.01 to $40.00 ($7 if outside of the U.S.A.)
  • $6.50 shipping on orders from $40.01 to $99.99 ($10 if outside of the U.S.A.)
  • Orders over $100 are freight free anywhere in the world.
Note: we are still working on it but the vast majority of our merchandise is listed. There are roughly 100 images missing of the 1,450 images at this time. You can always consult your downloadable PDF catalogs at New March 2010 miniatures
  • Animals' Pre-Historic (sculptor Leandro Ventic)
  • DEAL-44104 Saber Tooth Tiger $3.00 (40mm long)
  • DEAL-44105 Ground Sloth $3.00 (35mm long)
  • DEAL-44106 Andrewsarchus $6.00 (65mm long)
  • Monsters (sculptor Jason Weibe)T-16 Ogress Shaman $7.50 (43mm tall)
All figures are 25mm scale and cast in a lead free white metal (TIN) sold unpainted. Painted figures and photos by Roger O'dell.