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New releases and international shipping options from Imbrian Arts

Imbrian Arts have new shipping rates and options for overseas buyers and four new releases. Fungeins From their announcement:
I’ve just updated the international store with more miniatures and a new shipping option. I’ve added a padded envelope option to the online store for international customers as an alternative to the high costs of shipping parcels overseas. Customers can now choose to have their miniatures delivered in a padded envelope without the usual blister boxes. The slimmer envelopes can safely carry your miniatures and they qualify for letter rates so it’s much less expensive. To choose this option go to the shop and add the padded envelope to your cart. This will deduct $10 from the total cost of your order, enough to get another figure for nothing! Large miniatures like the Troll Druid are too bulky and contain heavy pieces which run a higher risk of being damaged or bruised if shipped without some extra protection so unfortunately it has to be shipped in a box. We also have 4 new miniatures plus you can now get miniatures from the goblin set separately. The Necromancer Bat and Fungeins are now in stock and will start shipping on Friday.