New release from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming have released the Eotan fantasy miniature.


From their announcement:

Amidst the tribes of the nomadic Orcnar terrifying mutant monstrosities are spawned, amongst these nothing is more gut wrenchingly terrifying than the Eotan. An unrelenting powerhouse of destruction, the Eotan embodies all of the savage qualities that define the Orcnar.

The vicious demeanour of the Eotan is deep rooted in primal majic, their rage is an answer to the tragedy that has befallen their species and the genetic memory consumes all other thoughts, instilling an uncontrollable anger within them. Ear blistering screeches of bloodlust accompany the charge of these beasts, inspiring their brethren and rattling their enemies simultaneously.
It gives me great pleasure to announce the Orcnar Eotan are now available to order from stock.

The Eotan is available with a choice of arm types (Ball and Club fisted)
Packs contain one multi-part 40mm pewter models and is priced at £12.50
Details: Measuring: ~40 floor to eye. Models comes with separate arms and three head designs.

And remember, if you live outside of the EU, you can knock 17.5% off that price as we don’t charge you UK VAT!