New release from Sabol Designs

Sabol Designs have released the The Armored Company miniature bag.

The Armored Company

From their announcement:
Since we know everyone is just waiting on the edge of their seats for yet another new figure case, we now pleased to introduce our new release: The Armored Company due out at the end of October. Get yours soon before someone else copies it or sends legal notices! We all know how that can be.

The stats make this a really cool case:
  • The interior holds 2x stacks of 16" of foam

  • Removable shoulder strap that connects to Platoon and Mark II cases

  • Huge book pocket (Big enough for one of those extra thick books and more)

  • 4x Accessory pockets

  • 1x mesh pocket

  • Army book pocket

  • A pair of Velcro carrying handles.

  • 2x Drink meshes (for your favorite Beverages)

  • Interior (papers) pocket and... ARMOR PLATES

MSRP : $92.99 Sold Empty

For those that feel they need a rigid exterior this 'collapsible' case has removable Armor plated that fit the front, back,bottom, and both sides.