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New release from Portable Warfare

Portable Warfare have released a new budget-priced miniatures storage case. APC From their announcement:
The APC is a new product released today for those miniature gamers who want to safely store their miniatures, but are on a budget. The APC is a bare bones style case that can be used for your daily transport to your local store or as a cheap solution for long time storage in your closet. This product is also great for commission miniature painters to ship out finished minis. Just tape the edge, slap a mailing label on it, and ship it. The APC features a white clamshell style, finished, cardboard box that measures 19"x9"x2" on the inside. It comes with a charcoal colored pick-n-pluck style foam tray that has an attached foam padding at the bottom and a loose fitting foam topper. The actual depth of the foam tray will allow you to store miniatures up to 1.75" deep.