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New Reaper releases

Reaper Miniatures have added several new figures to their online store. I'm very excited about this week's releases. Among other excellent figures, we finally have the final member of the Legion of Justice and Caeke. Wayne Reynold's Shoatima, Otter Ranger sculpted by Jason Wiebe is available right now. This means that Frummity is coming down in about a week or so, so if you haven't had a chance to purchase him, you'd better jump on that. All profits from sale of the LJC go to support Child's Play. Dark Heaven Legends
  • 03580: Garzuhl, Mantis Man Ranger by Kevin Williams ($8.29)
  • 03581: Kieron, Ranger by Tre Manor ($7.49)
Chronoscope Modern Miniatures
  • 50243: Gray Aliens (3) by Bob Ridolfi ($8.29)
  • 50246: Marie, She-Bot by Patrick Keith ($5.99)
Officially Licensed Savage Worlds Miniatures
  • 59010: Indian Shaman (Female) by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99)
Officially Licensed Pathfinder Miniatures
  • 60078: Khavith, Serpentfolk Evoker by Julie Guthrie ($7.49)
  • 60079: Lyrie Akenja by Julie Guthrie ($5.99)
P65 Heavy Metal Miniatures
  • 65132: Reptus Turtle Dragon by Jason Wiebe ($27.79)
  • 65133: Pachylox, Elephant Man by Jason Wiebe ($14.99)
Reaper Special Edition Miniatures
  • 01429: Shoatima, Otter Ranger by Jason Wiebe ($9.99)