New Realms Publishing’s Week of Adventure Sale, May 19th to May 26th

New Realms Publishing has a sale going for themselves over in their RPGNow shopfront. It’s going on all week. Check it out.



From the announcement:

Delve through dark dungeons, brave the hazards of the wilderness, encounter fellow adventurers and battle deadly monsters during New Realms Publishing’s Week of Adventure Sale! From May 19th to May 26th, all Universal Adventures products will be available at 20% off. Pickup the Dungeon Deck and create adventure sites while you play, determine encounters, events, search results and treasure, or expand your current decks with new releases, such as the Hall of the Ogre Lord or the Tomb of the Dragon Mages. For solo or group play, Universal Adventures allows you to play any fantasy rpg, with or without a Game Master, and add new and exciting material to your favorite fantasy adventure games.