New Realms Publishing releases Ogres and Underworlds Character Sample Pack

New Realms Publishing gives you a chance to check out some sample characters for Ogres and Underworlds with their new release.

Ogres and Underworlds


From the release:

The Ogres and Underworlds Character Sample Pack is now available as a free download. Coming soon from New Realms Publishing, Ogres and Underworlds is a roleplaying game of backstabbing, sword swinging, spell blasting, old school fantasy adventure. With Ogres and Underworlds, you’ll create and develop the types of characters you want to play, choosing from dozens of skills, special abilities and professions. You’ll take those characters on exciting adventures, full of surprises, wonder and danger. Those that survive will gain in experience, learning new skills, special abilities and becoming members of fantastic professions. All this and much, much more awaits you within the pages of Ogres and Underworlds!

The Ogres and Underworlds Character Sample Pack is a preview of the upcoming Ogres and Underworlds RPG. The Character Sample Pack provides you with a glimpse into the fantastic worlds of Ogres and Underworlds. Within the pages of the Sample Pack you’ll find comments from the designer, a look at a newly created character and notes on what it all means. Look for more information on Ogres and Underworlds on our website and upcoming forums.