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New Realms Publishing Releases Dungeons of Karas Karn Universal Adventure

Players love dungeons, so I've found.
It's like a nice concentrated packet of XP and treasure. Sure, it's fraught with all sorts of danger (that XP isn't going to just jump onto your character sheet, now is it?), but you don't get reward without risk. That's half the fun. Well, the fellows over at New Realms Publishing have started off a new module set with DD1: The Dungeons of Karas Karn as part of their Universal Adventure line.

The dwarven hold of Karas Karn used to be guarded by the paladin Talon Darkbane. But he's not around anymore, unfortunately for him (though potentially fortunately for you). Search through the dark and dusty halls, searching for a legendary magical hammer (no word on if it's Maxwell's or not), while trying to hopefully avoid whatever it was that took out Talon Darkbane to begin with.