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New Realms Publishing announces Ogres & Underworlds

New Realms Publishing has posted an announcement about their upcoming fantasy RPG, Ogres & Underworlds.



From the post:

New Realms Publishing announced the upcoming release of the Ogres and Underworlds RPG. Inspired by classic tales of swords and sorcery adventure, fantasy literature and old school RPG’s, Ogres and Underworlds is an easy to play, fun and exciting fantasy roleplaying game. Great for beginners and veteran gamers alike, with Ogres and Underworlds you’ll bring the realms of fantasy adventure to your gaming table where you can discover your own stories to tell.

With the Ogres and Underworlds rules and your imagination, you can:

Create Characters
Create and play fantasy characters from the pages of epic novels and sword and sorcery fiction or from your own imagination.

Create Adventures
Create classic dungeons, epic quests, or any other type of adventure you can imagine and turn into a playable situation.

Conduct Combat
Play out fantastic battles, on your tabletop or in your imagination, full of energy, excitement and surprises.

Cast Spells
Create spells on the fly or cast pre-written favorites with a simple, flexible magic system.

Resolve Actions
Dynamic and dramatic action resolution when you need it, simple success/failure when you don’t.

And more!

Ogres and Underworlds is suitable for solo, one-on-one, and group play of any size. The rules are simple and will fit any style of play, from battlemats and miniatures to play by post. Enjoy a fun and exciting game of fantasy adventure with Ogres and Underworlds and discover your own stories to tell.

Ogres and Underworlds will be the first ARCCS product. ARCCS (Across the Realms Character and Campaign System) allows you to use your characters and campaign material from one ARCSS game in any other ARCCS game. In the past, whenever you wanted to try a new RPG, you’d have to create new characters and, unless you were only going to play for a session or two, start a new campaign. Not anymore.

With ARCCS you can create and develop characters and play them in any ARCCS game without conversion. ARCCS is not a universal or multi-genre RPG or set of mechanics. ARCCS games can have different mechanics, themes, styles, even genres. No matter how different one ARCCS game is from another, though, you’ll still be able to play your characters without conversion. You won’t even have to change your character sheet.

And while you are taking your characters to another ARCCS game, why not take the rest of your campaign? With ARCCS you can use other unique elements from your campaign, such as monsters, treasures and NPC’s, in other ARCCS games. Ultimately, you’ll even be able to treat the different parts of an ARCCS game’s rules as “modular” and be able to take a section of rules from one ARCCS game and use it in another. Try new ARCCS games, keep your characters and campaigns, and have more creative freedom than ever with ARCCS products.

Over the coming weeks, additional information about Ogres and Underworlds and ARCCS, including updates and samples, will be available on our website