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New range from Laughing Monk Miniatures

Laughing Monk Miniatures is releasing a new set of Harem models based on an Egyptian style. There's regular and "adult" varieties. Regular version pictured below.

From the update:

Just thought to let you guys know that soon I'll be releasing 20 new miniatures
called the Daughters of Set. They have an Egyptian theme and are designed for both gamers and painters.

There will be two versions of all the miniatures - one will have wrappings covering the chests and the other will have no wrappings on the chest so if people want they can have a more modest unit or not.

They were sculpted by the very talented Patrick Keith and the variations were done by myself (with Patrick's blessing).

These will be available from Eureka minis first, and then other online shops such as the Warstore and Fighting 15's.