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New Project Z Deals From Warlord Games

Zombies! Zombies everywhere! And boy, did they all stink.
But, they're dead. Waddya expect? Well, the folks at Warlord Games are looking to spread the zombie plague out a bit by sending some your way. Why would you want to buy zombies? Well, they've got a couple great deals going on right now for Project Z sets.

From the website:

An all you can eat Zombie Fest! Project Z style… time to get hacking as your survivors take on the horde in a fight to survive deal!

Been tempted to venture into the streets of Project Z? Hold back no longer with this super starter, all you can eat feast of a Project Z game set, packed to the jowls with rotting Zombies and scared gang members – plus all you need to play this fast action packed game -and then add another Gang or Zombie set for FREE!

Buy 2 & get a 3rd set FREE – it does what it says on the tin – select any 3 Project Z Gang or Zombie sets from the drop down menu and you’ll get 1 FREE!