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New Progress Report for Torn Armor

Torn Armor gives us another update on how things are progressing with the release of their game.



From the update:

Hi backers,

A quick update to let you know where we are at on the two main production fronts: miniatures and printing/game production:

The box, rules, dice, maps, etc went into print last week. It is a one month turnaround (seriously quick!) and they'll start shipping out. We're including extra unit, spell, equipment, and miniature cards in the core set as a simple "thank you" for being so patient during this kickstarter and for continuously offering valuable feedback and critique.

We will likely ship US backers directly to them from China, a batch to England to Tor Gaming for EU distribution, and the rest to the US for distribution from here. Exact specifics are being worked out and nothing is locked in stone, but there are a couple of notes: (1) we want to avoid anyone paying import tax, (2) it will likely be a phased delivery, so don't panic if you box arrives a little after others get theirs!

Additionally: extra dice, terrain pieces, Reaper dragon, miniatures etc will be delivered separately (shipping things from here to China, then China to you is not exactly super efficient). Rest assured: the box/core game is the first piece of the puzzle, but by no means the last.