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New Products from Advanced Deployment and a Sale!

Advanced Deployment has a bunch of new tokens and objectives available. If that weren't enough, they're having a sale. And if that weren't enough, they're also headed to PAX (... and yes, I'm jealous).

From the update:

We're pleased to announce this round of new products!

For that new Steampunk RPG that is out just around the corner (and for thsoe of you lucky few that got it at Gencon) we've got an accessory kit that is perfect for it. We've also got extra bases.

3d Objective markers
Three more new objective markers/terrain for you!

-Futuristic Signage
-Bloodthorn Plant
-Kraken Tentacle

3d tokens:
-Fire Tokens

We've also got a promotion going on while we're at PAX Prime this weekend.
Place an order between 8/30 and 9/3 and get a free goodie bag. All bags have a coupon for 5-50% off your next order!