New products for pre-order from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming is now accepting pre-orders for several new miniatures.

Orcnar Docga

From their announcement:

Once again, I am very pleased to announce we have just posted new Relics items to the store for pre-order.

  • Britanan Dragoon – Blister of 2 models – £7.00
  • Orcnar Docga – Blister of 2 models – £10.50

In addition to these, we have also put together some ‘skirmish starter sets’ for both the Britanans and Orcnars:

Britanan Skirmish Starter – £36.00, 183 points.
Pack contains:

  • 12 Britanan Troopers
  • 3 Britanan Grenadiers
  • 4 Britanan Dragoons

Orcnar Skirmish Starter – £36.00, 173 points.
Pack contains:

  • 6 Orcnar Unmann
  • 1 Orcnar Eotan
  • 2 Orcnar Docga

Both of these Skirmish Starters are fully compatible with Relics rules currently available for download from our forum.

We have set a release date of third week of Novemeber, but we hope (and fully expect) to have them out before then.