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New products at Highlander Studios

Highlander Studios have added several new products to their online store. Space Bugs From their website:
I received master casts from the latest mold on Friday. I painted a few up over the weekend. I have some unpainted copies for sale. First the new space bugs. Tow poses with tri-barrel SMG and a leader. These will be sold in packs of 9 (4 each SMG and 1 leader) for $12. Shop Next up is Hogzilla. This will probably be packaged with the new red neck hunters later. For now I have some extra master casts. My favorite bit of this order was the casts of the Space Pals and Bounty Hunter. The camera angle makes the weapons look huge, but you get the general idea. I'm looking into a limited license for these with the profits beyond operating costs going to charity. I'm still waiting for the reply on that one. In the meantime, email me for details if you'd like to be put on the list. There were also some master casts of new Space:1889 items in this package. I'm still painting them and will post photos and availability as soon as they are done.