New Print On Demand title from Black Library

The Black Library have a new Print On Demand title available. From their announcement:
New to our Print on Demand service this month is Fell Cargo. The oceans of the Old World have fallen silent. The waves are haunted by the Butcher Ship, a nightmare vessel manned by zombies and captained by a daemon lord. Its ghastly crew bring about a reign of terror on the high seas, killing anyone they encounter. When infamous pirate captain Luka Silvaro returns to reclaim his craft and crew, he is given the most important – and lucrative – assignment of his career. Supported by the Prince of Luccini, Silvaro knows he will be able to claim a king’s ransom if he can defeat the daemon lord. But he will have to face treachery from within, the dangers of the high seas and the Chaos-infested crew of the Butcher Ship if he is to earn his reward.