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New Primaris Characters and Repulsor Tank Available To Order From Games Workshop

The Primaris Marines are the new kids on the block for Warhammer 40k. They're much like older Marines, but bigger and more badass. Well, with new Marines comes new characters for them. This week, Games Workshop has started taking orders for both a Primaris Apothecary as well as a Primaris Chaplain. And so they don't have to walk to battle, they've also started taking orders for the new Repulsor tank. It's... got a lotta guns.

From the website:

Amongst the most honoured Space Marines of a Chapter are its Apothecaries. It is their role to to mind the physical well-being of their battle-brothers – this is seen most obviously on the battlefield, where an Apothecary serves as an emergency medic. Their most important duty, though, concerns the dead; an Apothecary can harvest the progenoid organs from a fallen Space Marine, ensuring the creation of further warriors and the continuation of the Chapter.

The spiritual leaders of their Chapters, Chaplains are awe-inspiring warrior priests who administer rites, preserve rituals and perform ancient ceremonies of initiation, vindications and redemption that are as important to a Space Marine Chapter as its roll of honour or skill at arms. Every Chapter has its own Chaplain, acting as leader in both devotions and combat and second only to the company Captain in rank.

The Repulsor armoured transport is a deadly combination of manoeuvrability and raw brute force. Due to the turbine array at its rear, it has tremendous motive power, held aloft by powerful anti-gravitic generators. The Repulsor is so heavily armed and armoured that is doesn’t skim over the landscape but instead crushes the ground below it. The tank grinds forward with a deep bass thrum, reducing rock to gravel and fallen bodies to smears of gore and powdered bone.