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New Previews Up From Battlefront For Team Yankee

The folks over at Battlefront have a lot going on in this update. First off, with Free Nations coming out next weekend, they've got various previews up for that. Then, they also have a look at an updated version of the Bishop, with new cards so you can add them to your Flames of War games. Finally, they'll be at the UK Games Expo this weekend, where you can pick up some Team Yankee stuff before anyone else.

From the post:

Hey everyone! We’ve been hard at work here at the Battlefront Studio preparing for the Free Nations Live Launch and our first wave of releases. Our live launch is next week for that so make sure you’ve marked your calendar. Both the Team Yankee and Flames Of War websites have updated with loads of stuff for everyone!

Over on the Team Yankee website the first group of our Free Nations spotlights are now up. Our newest plastic tank is the Leopard 1. Used by every country in Free Nations with the exception of the French. Our newest plastic army deal is NATO’s Front Line which comes with three Leopard 1s and two PAH Anti-tank Helicopters to cover them. This box can be used with and comes with all the cards and decals to make the West Germans, Canadians and the Dutch. Both the Canadians and the Dutch can make use of West German support options. The NATO Leopard Platoon is next and contains five Leopard 1 tanks. it contains everything you need to make and field Canadian, Dutch and Australian Leopard 1 tanks. We also have a West German version of the Leopard 1 box as well.

Canadian players have plenty of great new releases to begin out their Free Nations forces in stores soon. Don’t worry if you are looking to build one of the other forces from Free Nations, your turn will come! Next up we have the Australians (in store later this month), the Dutch (early next month) and then the French.

On the Flames Of War Website we have a couple of new articles. Chris has written an article that updates the Bishop and adds the unofficial unit cards to field them in your Mid War games. You can download the cards in article itself so make sure you check it out. Also this weekend Battlefront and GF9 are at the UK Games Expo. Make sure you check out the article to see what games are going on and where and for those lucky and quick enough there is a limited amount of Free Nations models and the book at the stand for sale a whole week ahead of release! Lastly don’t forget that the UK Open Day is still on the way and tickets are on sale so make sure you don’t miss out!