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New Previews Posted from Privateer Press

Privateer Press has their Lock & Load Gamefest coming up this weekend. So perhaps those of you not going to Origins will instead be there. If you are, I'm sure you'll get to see these figures in their display case, but for the rest of us, we'll just have to settle for studio photos. But hey, nothing wrong with studio photos of upcoming figures. So let's take ourselves a look. There's some Warmachine, some Hordes, and some new carrying cases to see.

Starting out with Warmachine previews, the big one is Warmachine: Reckoning, the new expansion book. It contains new warcasters for each faction, new colossals, and new solos. Each of the warcasters, of course, has some new theme lists to go with them. Other new Warmachine previews include the Ordsman Savio Montero Acosta, a new stormblade solo (or at least, he's dressed like a stormblade and wielding two storm glaives, so I assume he's a stormblade), Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye (who is a new Steelhead character solo), Thyron (a new Retribution warcaster), and Iron Fang Uhlans (ok, so they've been out for a while, but they're now coming in a single unit box).

For Hordes, there's two new previews. First up is the Meat Thresher, a new battle engine for the Farrow. It's part steamroller, part gun platform, part BBQ pork food truck. Other than that, we have Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate (be careful, he's going to try and sign you up for AARP), a new Skorne epic warlock.

Finally, to carry all those figures around, Privateer Press and Battle Foam have teamed up to bring you new army carrying cases, specifically designed with the Warmachine and Hordes player in mind. Part of the draw of these bags is the number of accessory pouches you can attach to them, so you can customize your case for your own, personal needs. The fist of these bags will be available at Lock & Load, with general release coming later on.