New previews from Spartan Games

Spartan Games have posted previews of upcoming Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas miniatures.

Shield Vessel

From their website:

Six New Firestorm Armada Models Set For Release
We have six new models for our Firestorm Armada spaceship combat game which we will be releasing in two waves. Wave 1 will see the Aquan Prime Manta Class Battle Carrier, Terran Alliance Aegis Class Shield Cruiser and Sorylian Collective Bombard Class Gunship. In Wave 2 we will release the Directorate Tormentor Class Disruption Cruiser, Relthoza Bane Class Shunt Cruiser and Dindrenzi Federation Gladius Class Gunship. Here are some image renders of the Wave 1 models:

Four New Uncharted Seas Models Set For Release
We are very pleased to show you the next four releases for the Uncharted Seas fantasy naval game. The Bone Griffons are getting a Pestilence Cruiser which is a vessel designed to quite literally hurl balls of pestilence at an enemy vessel, killing its crews. The Elves have a new Cruiser with aerial combat in mind. The extended decks of the Viper allow highly skilled archers to engage airborne threats. The Human engineers have designed a Balloon that houses glider borne assault troops, and last, but certainly not least, we have the Orc Carnage Heavy Cruiser. This powerful vessel is home to some brutish Trolls who tread the decks looking for enemy vessels to attack by hurling huge boulders at them. Each Carnage model comes with Troll models to glue to its deck.