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New previews from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have posted new previews of upcoming figures as well as photos of painted samples of their releases. From their announcement:
The Dark Sword site has been updated with the following: 6 New Sculpts and a ton of new painted miniatures. The 6 New sculpts are:
  • GRRM Masterworks - Hodor and Bran sculpted by Tom Meier
  • GRRM Masterworks - Jojen Reed sculpted by Tom Meier
  • GRRM Masterworks - Meera Reed sculpted by Tom Meier
  • Easley Masterworks - Male Combat Monk sculpted by Jeff Grace
  • Easley Masterworks - Female Paladin sculpted by Jeff Grace
We have new painted miniatures from Matt Verzani on all of our six new January releases along with some new painted miniatures from Jen Haley (Jaime, Cersei and the Fallen Angel), Aaron Lovejoy (Cersei), and Anne Foerster (Elmore Knight painted up in Greyjoy colors). I have more painted pics to post from around the world as well... We have a ton of new sculpts finished off and working their way into the molding process so stay tuned. Critters galore along with a good deal more GRRM stuff is in the pipeline so lots of action as we move into the spring.