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New previews for Relics: The Orcnar Ealdmoder

Tor Gaming is showing off the green for their Orcnar Ealdmoder.
I... uh... decided against posting the preview photos here. Click through the link at your own peril.

From the preview:

The Ealdmoder is one of the sculpts we are producing thanks to our Kickstarter success.

The Ealdmoder is an Orcnar Commander and Independent unit for Relics and can mounted used on a command base of an Orcnar force for Relics War. They do not have a profile for Relics Clash just yet, but will do soon.

In Relics, they play a supportive role in your force, making use of 'Lick it Better' to keep your troops on the table and 'The Earth Rumbles' to help you control and deny the battlefield to the opponent.

This little beauty is Sculpted by the very talented Kevin Kosse and concept done by the equally talented Christian Schwager