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New Previews For Necromunda Posted

While I might personally have preferred Gorka-Morka (greenskin that I am), many people out there are excited for Necromunda, Games Workshop's other sci-fi skirmish miniatures game of gangs of thugs fighting against one-another. If you'd like a few more details about what you can expect from this new version, Warhammer Community has a new article up.

From the article:

Get ready for a new generation of war in the underhive – Necromunda is coming back.

We already knew that the classic game of underhive gang-war was returning later this year, and now, after the Studio Preview at the NOVA Open, we know a lot more.

The new core set for this game is absolutely packed with content to get you started: a full board representing the sewers and confines of the underhive, a rulebook, character cards, templates, dice and of course, your gangs.