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New preview renders for Infamy

Infamy Miniatures has posted up some more preview renders for their game.


From the post:

Dave Kidd has finished up the Pigeon on the Tea Machine and it looks bloody amazing! These renders of the final model show two pigeons on top. These are two mounting options and once it's printed I'll work out which will work best. I may include both in the kit, it will depend on castability.

What better way to celebrate the easy availability of a nice cup of tea than taking a look at another model? Having a nice coffee perhaps, but I fear that may be sacrilege around these parts! ;)

The most recent model sculpted by Adrien Debos is Princess Outis. This enigmatic visitor to the Big Smoke is an expert at navigating the waterways of the city. When she's on land she uses her spear gun and trident to pin down or round up her enemies, so she's a really useful addition to your gang if you want an element of control. Her model's looking pretty shiny too!