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New preview models and art for AE-WWII

Blackball Games is showing off some more models and a couple concept art pieces for AE-WWII they've been working on since their successful Kickstarter.

From the preview:

We've got a lot of great previews for you in this update. You'll see photos (bad ones) of the first three new models we've had sculpted for the new edition: the Kreighexe, the SS Vampire and the Draugr! We're very happy with how these models have turned out and we're sending them over to our painting team right away. Can't wait to see them on the battlefield!

In addition, we have two pieces of art for the Soviets! Attached are the final pic for the NKVD Puppet Master and a WIP of the Telekinetic. These powerful psychic soldiers of the USSR will give the SS a run for their money.