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New preview artwork posted up for Blackwater Gulch

Gangfight Games is showing off a new preview piece of art for Blackwater Gulch. This one's the Croatoan.

From the update:

While we’re finishing up on the new models from our previous Kickstarter campaign (everything is right on schedule!), we’re also developing the next installment for Blackwater Gulch which will be a boxed game called Curse of the Skinwalker, a horror/weird west expansion featuring a lot of Native American folklore creatures. We’re just starting the preliminary development, which will take a long time to finish. The rules are pretty much done, but there will be a great deal of artwork needed so I’m trying to get a head start.

The first concept we have is for Croatoan, by Heath Foley. He's an Alpha Skinwalker and leader of The Wicked beast pack. He'll be the big monster boss in the boxed game. Here is his bio:

The Wicked is a vicious skinwalker pack bent on destroying the civilizations of man and keeping the world as wild as can be, lead by an Alpha Werewolf known as Croatoan. No one knows how old he is, but his handywork dates back at least as far as the early colonies, where some hunters speculate he was associated with a local tribe of the same name. He was thought to be destroyed by the monster hunter John White at Roanoke over 300 years ago.

Once a native medicine man, it is believed Croatoan acceped the Skinwalker curse to stop the white man from colonizing the new world, but even his great supernatural powers are not enough to halt progress. He often carries a large totem weapon into battle, carved by his own clawed hands. His fur is caked with old blood, and he wears leather straps displaying bones of his prey hanging from his shoulders.

Croatian and his Wicked pack have set their sites upon Blackwater Gulch, and his pack has slowly been growing as they kidnap those who stray too far from town. There is something here that he wants, and he will not stop until he has his prize, or he is destroyed.

We'll share more art as we get it :)