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New preview art for Bushido from GCT Studios

GCT Studios had another good show at GenCon. They've posted up a bit about their experiences there, as well as a new piece of Bushido artwork.
Expect a demo report of Rise of the Kage, their new board game coming to Kickstarter, from me later this week.



From the post:

A phenomenal event was seemingly had by all and we at GCT Studios had a blast. We had great chats on the booth and we're blown away with the players enthusiasm for the game of Bushido. We want to start with a massive and special thanks to our Retainer Crazyfish who pretty much ran the show from helping us to set up to running the tournament, he even brought along a trolley (a big thanks to his father in law for that one). Without you it wouldn't have been half as good to say the least. The event is huge and we got in a bit of time to explore as well, as a team we particularly enjoyed howling down the late night corridors on the hunt for a game of Werewolf, excellent fun!

The tournament was great and everyone that experienced the Bushido Dojo came away happy and loaded with Silvermoons, congrats to Anthony for picking up first place with his Bakemono heavy Savage Wave list.

See you next year for the best four days in gaming.