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New Pre-Releases Posted from Spartan Games

Spartan Games has posted up their next set of pre-releases on their website. These new kits will be available May 27th, but you can get your orders in now to make sure you have them on your doorstep ASAP when they're released. If you play Firestorm Armada or Firestorm Planetfall, there's plenty for you to look at. For Armada, there are the new Hawker Industries and Works Raptor box sets. For Planetfall, well, there's something for everyone. Each faction is getting a new Recon Helixes, as well as Light Infantry Upgrade box sets. Check them all out below the cut.

From the announcement:

It's time for Firestorm Planetfall commanders to bolster their armies as we make Recon Helixes available to every major force. We're also giving you the chance to pick up even more infantry with the new Light Infantry Upgrade boxed sets. Admirals will also need to keep their wits about them as new boxed sets for the Hawker Industries and Works Raptor are introduced to Firestorm Armada.