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New pre-painted Old West Buildings for Dead Man's Hand from Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games wants to make sure your games of Dead Man's Hand look as good as they can, so they're offering new pre-painted Old West buildings over on their website.

From the announcement:

The DEAD MAN'S HAND range of 28mm buildings is not available in the Great Escape Games webshop. Designed and produced by 4Ground, these buildings are the best that you can buy.

4Ground and Great Escape Games present the Dead Man's Hand Old West building range. Buildings are split into "Main Street" and "Side Street" buildings. All are pre-painted, inside and out, and have hinged external doors. All have boardwalk sections and steps and Main Street buildings have external staircases.

The buildings pictured have had nothing added except for the PVA/wood glue used during construction of the kit. Each building sits on a raised base. These bases may be modelled into a gaming board permanently, allowing you to create a realistically modelled gaming area but still allowing flexibility with the placement of buildings.

Main Street buildings are painted in weathered colour on all sides. Side Street buildings are painted in weathered colour on the front and a distressed wood colour on the sides and back. Some buildings have hinged trap doors in the roof. Buildings feature the option to have some windows boarded up.

The DMH Old West building range will produce many buildings, so keep up to date on our facebook page and on this website and the Great Escape Games one for the new releases.