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New Pre-Orders Available For Bolt Action

Warlord Games loves their WWII model kits. They've long been known for their various sets they've put out. It was only much later that they came out with the Bolt Action rules so you can use all those cool kits in their own game. Well, there's going to be some more armor rolling across tabletops soon with a couple new pre-orders available for some new tank kits.

Starting out, there's the M3 Stuart. This light tank saw combat all over the world. It fought against Japanese tanks on Pacific islands, German tanks in North Africa, and more Germans on the Russian steppes. It was reliable and rugged, praised for the smooth ride it provided crews.

The other kit available for pre-order is the M18 Hellcat platoon. This one you can get in a set of 3 tanks, or one with 2 tanks and an M20 Utility vehicle. This set also has some other additions to it, including stat cards and damage markers. Rather nice, those.

M3 Source
M18 Source