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New post-apocalyptic releases from Lead Adventure

Lead Adventure have added several new post-apocalyptic miniatures to their online store. Late Summer releases From their announcement:
We're here again with some new cool stuff for your Post-Apocalypses. We've got some new guys on our sculptor boat and today we present you post-apocalyptic Veterans made by Paul Hicks and some lovely Heroes and Giant Rats made by Ernst Veingart. Also we've got some new stuff made by Igor Karpov, the Arms Dealer, the Assassin and the Radio Operator:
  • PA-25 No Zone For Old Men (5)
  • PA-26 Giant Rats (5)
  • PA-27 The Last Heroes (5)
  • PA-24 Specialists - Assassin and Radio Operator (2)
  • PA-20 Merchants - Arms Dealer (1)
And we're especially glad to present our new Lead Adventure Figure - Matakishi. Made by legendary Paul Hicks. We guess it's not really necessary to tell you who is Paul (matakishi), that guy is quite well-known. But if you really don't know him, so just check his website - Matakishi's Tea House, a great source of wargaming inspiration.
  • LAF-04 Matakishi (1)
and our deals for the new stuff:
  • Post-Apoc - Late Summer Wave (19)
  • Post-Apoc - Old Guard (10)