New polystyrene terrain Kickstarter launched

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 1st, 2013

Your Terrain Your Style is a new terrain maker looking for funding over on Kickstarter. Go have yourself a look-see.

From the campaign:

Kickstarter! When have ever seen a Kickstarter as affordable as this? With an extremely modest goal of just £111, this could easily be the opportunity to help a fellow out.

Jack McKilligan Fisher of Aberdeen, United Kingdom is a young adult recently made unemployed and hoping to create a business to sustain myself. I have 5 standard grades and 3 highers, duke of Edinburgh and is hoping to get into a University once I have enough money. I am veteran warhammer player and have had my Imperial Guard for almost 8 years and been playing the game for 9 (used to borrow my mates brother’s chaos army until I got my codex and first cadians).

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  • Haibane

    The mix of first and third person tenses in the introduction made my head hurt Oo

  • maroonldr

    This has to be a joke. Doesn’t it? £50 for 3 pieces of polystyrene terrain? Really?

  • but…he has 3 highers! One of them is probably not English, nor is one of the others Business Studies, but you have to admire his chutzpah.

  • joshuar56

    Maroonldr, you forgot, you’ll also receive a ” a thank you on my website (still to be luanched)”. They probably should have used a spell check >.<

  • I think we should all support micro-projects like this.

    These kind of grass-roots projects are what remind us all of where we started!

    It’s very reasonable, and even if there was no reward – isn’t it nice to help someone out like this?

    Everyone should lend a hand.

    • BaconSlayer

      AND MY AXE!

      • Right on!

        I will know if no one supports this! With just one backer so far, it will be easy to see who jumps in.

        Come on guys, everyone throw in a measly pound. Just a pound! Help this guy out.

        I have zero affiliation with it by the way. Just makes my heart warm to see these kind of non-mega-corporate kickstarters.

    • 4tonmantis

      Man I hope you’re around if I get mine off the ground 😛

      • You’ve got my 5! 🙂

    • Bossk_Hogg

      Why? To devalue the efforts of others who actually go out and slog through a day’s crummy work? You ask what’s 5 pounds? About an hour of flipping burgers, which the kid seems too lazy to do. But he’s certainly willing to panhandle. Oh, sorry, “sell” 5 mins worth of hot wire cutter work for 75 bucks.

      • I suppose it has been a while since I earned those kind of wages!

        This is what’s wrong with the world today. Too much slogging, not enough dreaming.

        Live the dream. Hey, the kid’s definitely not got it all together in his “business model”. Will he? Who knows. Even some huge players have failed at KS. Gates of Antares comes to mind.

        Yes, his rewards are WAAAAAAAY out of touch with value. All along, I’ve said “think of it as a charity”. It’s really no more, is it? Nope.

        People have done a lot worse for money, haven’t they?

        • Bossk_Hogg

          Except there are actually LEGITIMATE charities out there. Your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen, animal shelters, foundations for disease research. People who do actual good in the world, and need the money a hell of a lot more. I donate to those. This is just some lazy ass wanting people to pay his bills. I have that dream too. Then I wake up, take my shower and go work my 9 to 5 like a big boy. You say people are heartless for not supporting crap like this? Please. Take whatever money you were going to throw away on this and give it to something of value in the world.

          • Good for you man. Good for you.

            Get in the big white caddy and go chase them Duke boys! LOL.

          • Oh, I should add: it’s not heartless to NOT support this. By no means! Everyone has and makes their own money and decisions! Even you, Boss Hogg, even you!

            What’s heartless are all the comments that are naysaying this kid’s dreams. Crushing what could be the beginning of a long journey for someone. That’s heartless.

            Dare to live a dream is all.

  • Backed.

  • I kicked in £5.00, no reward requested!

  • Nice!

  • Cross

    I’m all in favour of cottage industry, but telling people that the product is molded polystyrene when its clearly cut with a knife and looks a lot like old furniture foam painted with white emulsion, is a bit of a no-no. Then telling people that that £100 for 2 hills is a ‘low cost option’ is just plain wrong (both factually and morally) when I can get both hills, fully painted for £18 from terrafirma studios.

    • Ghost

      Yep, it’s foam with a thick layer of paint. He’s not wrong to describe it as polystyrene but the missing keyword is “expanded” (to differentiate it from the non-expanded “hard plastic” ps we are accustomed to seeing in this context). Given all the other errors in his text I’m inclined to think it’s an honest oversight rather than a deliberate deception.

      Regardless 50 gbp per hill is hilarious even accounting for youthful naïveté.

      • If you check out the kickstarter – these are the prototypes that are going to be molded in polysterene – unless I misunderstood which would be forgivable given the presentation he made…

  • Ballz

  • Thargor

    Hey cama, can you send me a fiver too? I’ve got some old off-cuts of blue foam in my garage and some pva glue to make some hills with and flog for £50 each. I haven’t got a website either, but if I do ever get one, I’ll say “thanks” to you on it.

    • Heartless man, heartless.

      What’s a five pound note? A few beers? A Space Marine?

      Bah. If it makes this kid’s day, I’m happy. I hate kickstarter, with a passion. All the mega-corporate BS ones that are out there, they don’t need help.

      Micro-starters! Get this kid some motivation and purpose, and see what he does.

  • dibdab666

    I am all for backing small start up businesses but this is really a far step from even that starting point.

    Cama, mentioning that you hate Kickstarter with a passion, but yet still pleding £5 through their site seems a little odd, you would have been better off asking for his address and sending it in the post to him.

    • Yeah, maybe. Maybe.

      Hey, everyone has the right to make their own mind up, right?

      This is the first time (likely the only) that I actually pledged. It’s not about Kickstarter – it’s about viewing this like a charity, for me.

      Heck, White Dwarf magazine costs more, and is in the recycle bin in under an hour, right?

  • KelRiever

    I want it to succeed and I want next year’s Crystal Brush participants offered the highest prize money to whoever paints one of these things best.

    Because, well, while we are whoring ourselves out for money, might as well go to the top! ;D

  • marcus

    only £6 more to go. Come on give till it hurts!!! wait it hurts already. cama give’m another £6 pounds for us. I’ll throw 3 copies of White Dwarf out for you.

    • Not worth the 6, are they? 😉

      Crystal Brush: Foam Hill sounds like a brilliant idea! What could the world’s best do? LOL

  • If this was an honest try then yes. This is a late april’s fools joke. There is no effort in anything presented. AS such I can only come to the conclusion he is taking the piss.

  • estrus

    “P.S There appears to be specks on the models these were caused by the packaging and due to my own carelessness. Sorry.”

  • grimbergen

    He’s fully funded now! Cama you’re gonna lose your 5 pounds if you don’t pull out now!

    • My good karma has just increased! 🙂