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New polystyrene terrain Kickstarter launched

Your Terrain Your Style is a new terrain maker looking for funding over on Kickstarter. Go have yourself a look-see.

From the campaign:

Kickstarter! When have ever seen a Kickstarter as affordable as this? With an extremely modest goal of just £111, this could easily be the opportunity to help a fellow out.

Jack McKilligan Fisher of Aberdeen, United Kingdom is a young adult recently made unemployed and hoping to create a business to sustain myself. I have 5 standard grades and 3 highers, duke of Edinburgh and is hoping to get into a University once I have enough money. I am veteran warhammer player and have had my Imperial Guard for almost 8 years and been playing the game for 9 (used to borrow my mates brother's chaos army until I got my codex and first cadians).