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New Polish Army Releases For Bolt Action Available

The Polish had quite a rough time during WWII. They were the first targeted by Hitler's Blitzkrieg. And, despite their best efforts, were no match for the German war machine. That's not to say that they didn't put up a good effort. Warlord Games has added new Polish forces for Bolt Action to their website, and maybe under your command, they can stem the German tide.

From the release:

The Polish have bolstered their defences against the approaching Blitzkrieg with new units!

The Polish 10th Motorised Cavalry Brigade was called the Black Brigade because of the black leather jackets worn by officers and NCOs.
It was the only fully motorised infantry unit available to the Polish Army in 1939 and was one of few Polish units (brigade size or larger) not to have been decisively defeated during the invasion of Poland.