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New Podcast launched - Talk Dreadball

Talk Dreadball is a new podcast. I would assume they talk about... well... Dreadball. I think it's a pretty safe guess.

From the launch:

Beemed into the Galactic Space waves every fortnight this new Galactic Ethergrid programme will be available on any Ethergrid enabled device. Bringing you all the latest in Dreadball results, rumours and stories from our moles at Mantic Corp Headquarters. So sit back and enjoy as NS & Dick, ‘TALK DREADBALL’.

NS and Dick are the alter egos of Neil Shuck and Rich Jones. We are both avid Dreadball fans and do the show for a bit of fun and to help the Dreadball community by advertising tournaments, explaining the rules and mechanics etc.

The show is recorded in the style of "The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show" from the Galactic Football League novels, and so it is presented as NS and Dick would in the real 'sphere' and the listener is left to read between the lines to determine what it really means in 'game terms'.