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New Pledge Levels, New Armies for Shieldwolf Kickstarter

Shieldwolf is just shredding through stretch goals on their War is Coming Kickstarter campaign. They've got new artwork, new pledge levels, and a new army they're showing off. Who doesn't want giant ice warbears and goblins? I know I do.
The campaign's more than 5x funded with still 24 days left to go to check them out.


From the campaign:

(Note: The images only open up to larger images. The 360s are on their Kickstarter page)

Good morning and good week to you all! :-)

So, when things are shaking and opportunities rise, so do mercenary armies of Warrior Goblins, ready to slaughter and loot those in times of need! In this project, where the Humans of the Guard of Pramendes hire Talliareum Mercenary Ogres to stand against the united forces of the Shieldmaidens and Orcs, opportunity rises for a smaller race, one which is usually met when least expected! In our game, we have a variety of smaller armies (our so called "mercenary armies"). We have no problem seeing 100% composed armies of a single race, but it's more realistic (and we think fun) to be able to merge armies at times, as long as the primary army holds control of course... :-)

These mercenary armies have certain special rules, for the Goblins e.g. it's not allowed to join Human or Orcish armies. Also, a player has a certain gold coin allowance when building his army to field in battle, probably around the 20-30% mark (we have still not decided, playtests have limited the number to this stretch however. Still lots to do...).