New Pledge Levels and Previews for Aetherium

Anvil 8 Games updated their Kickstarter campaign with new pledge levels and a new 3D render of House Ikaru’s first model.


From the update:

Hello Everyone! We are marching along with over 100 backers, and getting closer and closer to our goal every day. Tremendously exciting!

We want you to know that we have been listening very closely to your feedback. With that in mind, we have several key announcements that we wanted to make today:

More Pledge Levels: We have added two “in between” pledge levels in the transition from Subroutine and Function Pledge Levels. Each offers all of the models for one faction or the other, as well as the bonuses from the preceding levels. These pledge levels now offer that medium pledge level, and are ideal for players who find themselves drawn primarily to one faction. There’s a lot to like here.

Clear Pledge Levels: In the last week, some of you have expressed a bit of confusion about what exactly comes in each level. We have tried to clear that up with revised graphics that more clearly express what you get at each level, and specifically that show exactly how many models can and will be included in each level.

New Stretch Goals = More Stuff!!!: Please have a look at a few new Stretch Goals that we hope will excite you about the ways in which you can get more from your pledge and support.