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New Pledge Levels and Add-Ons for Infinity RPG

It seems that almost every day we're getting new pledge levels or add-ons for the Infinity RPG over on Kickstarter. Corvus Belli and Modiphius are listening to you, the backers, and adjusting accordingly as new things get requested and added on. You want more minis? You've got it. You want more adventures? You've got it.

The Dire Foes Mission packs are the newest thing on the block. They give you 3 figures and come with artwork cards, mini backgrounds, and downloadable game scenarios. They've got five that you can check out above there. There's also a 40-page book that has all 15 characters as PCs for the RPG and 5 short adventures based on those characters. The sets and book are available individually or together for a reduced price.

Still 20 days to go in the campaign, folks.