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New Pledge Level options for ShadowSea Kickstarter

AntiMatter Games gives you some new options in your pledge level for their ShadowSea Kickstarter.
Plus, they have a look at 2 new models they're working on for the project.

From the update:

There are now Minis-Only and Book-Only pledge options for ShadowSea, so people can pick and choose how they build their rewards. This includes any of the minis from the starter sets as well as the special limited edition resin figures. Two WIP sculpts of the special edition figures are shown now, as well as a picture showing all of the different characters from the starter sets and their price.

For books, there are two options. The softcover book is less expensive and thinner paper but will be color and should still be very nice. The Deluxe books are color and hardback, with thick, rich paper. Those are the kind shipped for DeepWars.