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New Pledge Level and Bonuses Added To Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter

The folks over at Gangfight Games are chugging along with their newest Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter campaign. This new expansion looks to bring you a bunch of new figures, and they know that some of you might just want it all. So they've created a new pledge level that gives you just that. They're also showing off new renders for Tiny, the Ogre Lawman. If anyone's going to be able to wield an old-west-style Gatling gun, it'd be an Ogre.

From the campaign:

Howdy Pardners!

First week is almost in the bag, and we are at 70% funded! Inching closer every day!

I just wanted to let you know about a few changes we made based on your feedback. First, we added an extra bonus miniature for anyone who backed our previous 2nd Edition campaign, as a way of saying thanks for your continued support. If you happen to already have all of the solo minis, we will offer you extra store credit that you can put toward another item.

We also added a couple of new pledge levels. First, there is now a $6 pledge level for people who might want just one of our solo miniatures.

Next, we just created an All In pledge level. For $225 you will get a rulebook, loot cards, all miniatures produced in our 2nd edition campaign and all miniatures produced in this campaign, plus the Chupacabras since they are a minion pack also even though they were released previously. This also includes all stretch goals free, no add-on price! Currently this deal is over $100 off the retail price. Here is a complete list of what’s currently included:

1 Hardcover Rulebook
1 Deck of Loot Cards
1 Lawman Starter Set - The Unsung
1 Outlaw Starter Set - The Tranquility Crew
1 Beast Starter Set - The Wormwood Wardens
1 Cursed Starter Set - The Wicked
1 Ashton Campbell
1 Nina Blackburn
1 Belle Witch
1 Mr. Kreeper
1 Jersey Devil
1 Lawmen Deputies Minion Pack
1 Outlaw Bandits Minion Pack
1 Beast Jackalopes Minion Pack
1 Beast Chupacabras Minion Pack
1 Cursed Native Zombies Minion Pack
1 Cursed Black Eyed Children Minion Pack
1 Tunka
1 Tiny
1 Tall Man

Thank you for your support so far! As usual please help spread the word :)

I am hoping to receive some initial sculpts for the Black Eyed Children soon, and will share them as soon as I get them!

Still 8 days left to go to get in on the action.